Night Shirts

Antigua Nightshirt


Our exclusive European, men's shirting cotton nightshirt, impeccably tailored with french seams, white cording and shell buttons.  We comb the world for the best cottons and this is one of our successes; we developed it with one of our European mills with spectacular results.




Tips & Quality

Quality:  100% Giza cotton poplin (Egypt), yarn-dyed for best color retention. White cording and real mother of pearl buttons.  French seams.

Re: fabric.
There are all kinds of Egyptian cottons.  Giza cotton is grown on a delta in the Nile river, spun in Switzerland and woven throughtout Europe in old, slow looms.  Giza's long staple yarn can be spun to extraordinary fineness.  Our Giza cottons are of this high quality which you will notice immediately.  It will feel like nothing you have ever worn before.
Laundry Tips:  Button-up the top and turn it inside out before washing.  Remove the extra button sewn to the care label and save.  Machine wash, warm, delicate cycle.  No bleach.  Tumble dry, low.  Iron if you would like to keep it looking like new.